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Rick (Captured Beauty)

This event is great! There's a huge variety of places to shoot. They provided a tractor, clawfoot bathtub, horses, couches, bed, swings, picnic areas, aerial ring, and so many more areas around the property I wish to photograph models with in the future.

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Jessica Ellis (Model)

Alice is an inspiration to all models! Her work ethic is very strong, and she is living proof that hard work pays off. She runs a strong business, with punctual organization and communication. She is passionate about motivating to other models, and elevates their success in any way she can.


Ben Miller (Photog)

The most important thing about these events, aside from getting to work with great models from all around the country, is the supportive community that Alice has now cultivated. Great photography is good in its own right, but it's also having great people around while attending an event like this that sets things apart from the rest.

We would love to see you attend our next event!
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