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About Us

Fall down the rabbit hole of imagination and creativity...

Muses in Wonderland is renowned as the industry's leading model photography event, lead by experienced industry professionals, hosting the largest selection of elite models around. We strive to provide only the best photoshoot experience and educational opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. Throughout this event, photographers have access to models that have been hand-selected from all over the world, those of which who pose dynamically and thoughtfully, are professional and friendly to work with, and bring forth a creative and enthusiastic mindset into every photoshoot. Our attendees also have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other photographers, to level up their knowledge, and expand their opportunities further through networking. If you wish to work with top-tier models who are creative and reliable, desire new and stunning photoshoot locations to add to your portfolio, and wish to have extensive networking opportunities right at your fingertips, then this is the event for you!

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It's All About Atmosphere

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Skilled and creative models are here to help you make your vision come to life!


Networking opportunity with some of the world's most renowned creatives.


Inspiring photoshoot locations available for you to effortlessly create in.

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