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  • A wide array of friendly and motivated models to work with

  • Inspiring photoshoot locations for you to effortlessly create in

  • Networking opportunity with some of the world's most renowned creatives

  • Instruction from established photographers to help you excel in your craft

  • Social media engagement boost through our network


Skilled and creative models are here to help you make your vision come to life!


Networking opportunity with some of the world's most renowned creatives.


Inspiring photoshoot locations available for you to effortlessly create in.

About the Founder

Paul T1 FINAL EDIT 8x10.jpg

    Alice Antoinette is a United States based model, internationally renowned and highly acclaimed within the industry. With over a decade of expertise in the field of modeling, having been apart of a myriad of international photography excursions, production sets, and magazine publications, Alice has developed an incredible cumulation of knowledge in regards to the model photography industry. Alice has traveled extensively as a freelance model, having covered numerous locations in the United States, as well as having visited and worked in over 25 countries worldwide, and still counting. Despite the challenges posed by the recent pandemic, Alice has remained dedicated to her craft, consistently moving forward to establish valuable connections with leading brands and companies. She is now eager to help others discover their fullest potential, having opened Muses In Wonderland (Model Photography Events) in the year 2022, and Modeling Takeover (Online Modeling Courses) shortly following in 2023. By providing education and work opportunities for aspiring models, Alice aims to guide those aspiring models to reach unprecedented new heights, and to help foster growth beyond their wildest dreams.

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