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Influencer Marketing For Brands

Do you have a product that you want to advertise more effectively?

We offer Sponsorship Packages for brands who want to give their products a boost.

What is an Event Sponsor?

An event sponsor is someone who pays an event coordinator to receive help with advertising their products by models and influencers, and to have professional photos and videos created in order to sell their product more professionally and effectively. Events are a great place to invest because there are many models, influencers, and other content creators who will help advertise your product, and the event itself has a massive social media reach.

We Offer:

  • A wide array of models and influencers to model with your products

  • Top-of-the-line photographers and videographers to capture the best angles of your product for advertisement material

  • Stunning locations for your product to be photographed in

  • Networking opportunity with some of the world's most renowned creatives

  • Social media engagement boost through our network

Sponsorship Application

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