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Next Event Scheduled for Friday and Saturday,
September 29th-30th in Las Vegas, NV

The Venue

    Our next event is scheduled for September 29-30, in Las Vegas, NVThe event venue is located at a private mansion in Las Vegas, NV. The mansion offers outstanding backdrops, including the grand hall, grand piano, wall-length mirror, lounge, luxury soaker tub, vintage furnishings, and the outdoor pool/hot tub combo! Many different props and furnishings will be available to use all around the property. One of the main attractions of this venue is the GROTTO, pool & hot tub combination, available to use all day. See our venue for yourself in the photos below!



Work with the country's leading models, and up-and-coming new faces.  Professional and friendly, the models are here to help bring your vision to life!

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